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Sometimes large-scale electronic discovery matters are best addressed by a small computer forensics firm, one that can provide you with services specially tailored to your unique needs. Computer Forensics LLC is experienced in electronic evidence matters, providing computer forensics on a full range of complex e-discovery matters for clients of all sizes and needs. Our expert witness experience is unsurpassed, having testified in open court and depositions for civil and criminal matters, rendering expert opinions regarding computer related data and operations in State, Federal, Appellate, and Military courts in matters involving computer, cell-phone, email, and internet forensics analysis, evaluating e-discovery plans, evidence spoliation, intellectual property, trademark infringement, patent infringement, insurance claims, fraud, business reorganization, and breach of contract.

Having more than 25 years of experience in information security and forensic analysis, we focus on our customers and giving them the best service. We provide technical expertise in computer forensics, e-discovery, cell / mobile phone forensics, and data recovery. Our experts handle and analyze Electronically Stored Information (ESI), including locating, preserving, and analyzing evidence, ensuring compliance with subpoenas, electronic discovery requests and other document demands in civil and criminal matters. We understand technically what computers do with data, and we have the expertise to understand the business drivers that affect analysis.

We are Certified Computer Examiners, EnCase® Certified Examiners, Certified Electronic Evidence Collection Specialists, Digital Forensic Certified Practitioners, Certified Information Forensics Investigators, Certified Data Recovery Experts, Certified Information Systems Security Professionals, and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers. (see our ABOUT page for CVs and a full list of qualifications)

Computer Forensics LLC can assist with:

  • Computer Forensics Analysis and Data Recovery
  • Cell Phone-Mobile Device Forensics Analysis and Data Recovery
  • E-Discovery - Requests - Review - Production - Keyword Searches
  • Data Recovery - Locate Crucial Evidence in Deleted Data - SMS Text Messages, Emails, Documents, and Spreadsheets
  • Litigation Support - Expert Witness Testimony
  • Incident Response - Data Breaches - Hacking - Insider Threats
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Systems and Data Security
  • Computer Forensics and E-Discovery Training

(See our SERVICES page for a full list of forensic services)

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Computer Forensics LLC
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For most engagements, available travel fee free in West Palm Beach, Miami-Dade, Fort Lauderdale-Broward, Stuart-Martin, Port Saint Lucie, Fort Pierce, Treasure Coast, and Vero Beach-Indian River Florida

Only 1 Hour travel to Orlando-Orange County, Daytona Beach-Volusia, Cocoa Beach-Palm Bay-Titusville-Melbourne-Brevard, and Kissimmee-Saint Cloud Florida

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